Social Media

Management of social media platforms including Instragram, Facebook, Twitter and more!


Jessica has experience covering social media for numerous brands including her own specialising in Instagram. Jessica has managed the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for Off the Kerb Gallery, Etsy Made Local Melbourne and more!

Social media is one of the most relevant and current ways to get your brand noticed online which could lead to new followers, sales and opportunities. Are you wanting to be more active on social media but don’t have the time or do you need your social media assessed to see how you could potentially be getting more out of it?

Jessica can help curate your social media feed to improve imagery and variety, aid with relevant wording to fit your brand, make good use of hashtags and tagging and make use of other social media options such as stories, event advertising and more.

Contact Jessica today to see how she can work with your brand to improve your social media content.