Artist Interview with Jocelyn Sepulveda

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Jocelyn Sepulveda is Character Designer, based in Monrovia, California. Born June 14th, 1992 in Pasadena, California, Jocelyn grew up in L.A. Growing up she would copy iconic characters from Disney films and heightening her passion for art. Recognising her field of interest from an early age lead to attending Los Angeles Country High School of Art from 2007 - 2011, majoring in Visual Arts. Here she discovered her love for film and expanded her view on the may career possibilities an art related field can lead to. In 2010 whilst in her second last year of high school, she took on the CalArts Summer Program in Character Animation. Upon graduating from LACHSA Jocelyn enrolled in fall 2011 opening for the Arts Center College of Design, majoring in Illustration/Entertainment Arts. While studying she took on art related jobs such as Creative Director for TKD Media, Character Designer for Gamenauts, Illustrator and Graphic designer for GLISS, Product Designer for Internet Killed Television and Illustrator and Graphic designer for Prank VsPrank. Perusing these jobs gave her experience in a real work environment that would give her recognition when applying for roles after completion of her degree. Now at the young age of 22 Jocelyn Sepulveda is working as a Character Designer at Nickelodeon. Pretty impressive right?!



Tell me about your style of art and how you came about this process:

To start, it took all my life to develop the style I have now, and it will only evolve and change as life goes on. You learn new things and experience new techniques and artists (if you're willing to reach out) and that will ultimately affect your own work. 



What is it like to work in/with a major Animation Studio?

Working in the industry so far has been an incredible experience! I feel very much in my element and am quite happy! It can be tough at times, there are strict deadlines, but it's never been anything that I couldn't do. The people are nice and you tend to meet others who have a lot in common with you. I've made many new friends.


How do/did you market yourself to grow and become successful as an artist? How do you go about Social Networking?

When I was 16 I created a DeviantArt account so I could start sharing my work online. At the time it was the place for young artists to reach out to other artists and to get helpful critique. For me it was simply a place to share my work outside of my friends and family. I drew a lot of fanart which gained me tons of followers throughout the years. Eventually I took my work to tumblr and created an art blog, and soon a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram (Although my IG is more personalized compared to most artists). Having all these platforms to share and talk about my work has helped me immensely at reaching those who enjoy my art, that and meeting other artists who I enjoy!



How did you gain employment in a studio like Nickelodeon?

Being in my final year of college and not really enjoying it, I ended up taking time off to spruce up my portfolio in hopes of landing a studio job therefore not having to return to school. A good friend of mine (Elsa Chang) messaged me one day asking if I'd be interested in taking a Character Design position at Nick. She was looking for a replacement since she was transferring over to a show at Dreamworks TV and felt my style would fit the show. I eagerly agreed, tested for the show, and got the job! Moral of the story here is that networking is also a major way to get a job!