Artist interview with David Adhinarya Lojaya

David Adhinarya Lojaya is a freelance visual development artist and illustrator based in Indonesia.
After Graduating from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, David gained employment at Young Jump Animation, Malaysia as a lighting artist for animated film in July 2012. In 2013 he left to focus on freelance work in film, animation, and games.


Tell me about your style of art and how you came about this process focusing on your digital painting The Stormborn?


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So, I started with a digital sketch and did some research on my subjects. My main goal is to create a cartoon piece with a classical feel. I wanted to make something conceptual, so I went to see some masterpiece of classical painting. I got a lot of inspirations from Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus' for this painting.

After some sketching, I put on a monochrome render. It's really great for building a basic foundation for my painting. Then I put some colours on it and render the rest of my painting.



How do/did you market yourself to grow and become successful as an artist? 

Practice in the right thing is the key. I always try to sketch everyday, so I can get better. Observe and do a lot of studies will help you to improve your artistic skill too.


How do you go about Social Networking?

Social Networking is really a helpful tool for me, especially since I am a freelance. So, most of my jobs are coming from social network. Facebook is really great to share artworks, make sure you add lots of artists from beginner to pro. They like to share their own artwork on Facebook too, so I can get inspired as well.  It's all about sharing artworks. So if you see my Facebook newsfeed, it's all about artwork and CG stuff.


What is your advise to aspiring Visual Development Artists and how to achieve this? 

Train hard for your passion. When you work based on passion, you will feel happy and enjoy. I still have a lot of achievements to be unlocked. So, let's work hard on that.


Could you please Describe your role as a character designer/visual development artist (What is being a visual development artist to you) ? 

I think visual development is about exploring, advancing and developing some ideas. For character design, we basically developing the design of it. Not only the designs, but something like behaviour, feeling, etc. Something that can bring life to the character and memorable to the viewers.


What is a typical day in your role?

I am a freelance artist, so I work at my home office. So It's quite flexible for me.
Sometimes I can wake up really up in the morning, and really late. Mostly because my client doesn't have the same timezone as the time I live in. So I'll just sit in front of my computer, doing some works and sometimes procrastinate and surfing the internet. I treat my freelance work just like an office time, so I basically will start around 9AM till 5 PM. But some other day can be flexible.



Tools: Photoshop, Zbrush, Maya and a Wacom tablet.
David Adhinarya Lojaya is currently creating an art book through Patreon. For more information and to support this publication visit: