Artist Interview with Dan Seddon


Dan Seddon is a exceptional character designer and visual development artist with a passion for animation. Currently working at Blue Sky Studios he has worked on films such as Epic and Rio 2. He has pursued studios such as Elliott Animation Studios, 9 Story Entertainment, Arc Productions and Leading Light Conceptual Design. Seddon studied at the Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, graduating in 2010 with honours in Applied Arts Animation.
“I find myself especially enthusiastic when it comes to the design and development stages of the production pipeline, and there is nothing that I love more than being able to tell great stories through my art and designs.”  - Dan Seddon, 2012,


How do/did you market yourself to grow and become successful as an artist? 

I think that having a blog and regularly posting on it helped a lot in marketing myself... especially while I was in college. My professors would constantly stress to us how important it was to have a blog, post regularly and make connections with artists and professionals online. Through my blog, I was able to meet lots of great contacts in the industry and I also was presented with lots of great opportunities that have led me to where I am today.
On top of having a blog and marketing yourself, the MOST important thing that helps you grow and become a successful artist is putting in the work and practicing your craft everyday! You can have 100 blogs but if your work doesn't speak for itself they are useless!!! DRAW DRAW DRAW!


How do you go about Social Networking?

Ideally when it comes to social media I try and post on all four of the major platforms, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Unfortunately, I'm really bad when it comes to social networking and promoting myself, and I don't post much at all...and I have no idea how twitter works.  If I had to pick one that I enjoy using the most, it would hands down be my Facebook page. I like this one the best because not only can I share my work with people who like it, I can also connect and chat with them about their work and answer any questions they have about my work and the industry.


What is it like to work in a major Animation Studio?

Working at Blue Sky is awesome! Being around some of the most talented people in the industry is such an amazing opportunity, I can honestly say that I learn something new every single day!


How did you gain employment in a studio like Blue Sky Studios?

Through my online presence from my blog actually! I guess my work had been passed around to a few people, which then led to me being interviewed by the character design blog, which must have caught the eye of someone at Blue Sky. After a few emails back and forth and some interviews with the them I was packing a truck and moving from Toronto to New York!

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