Advice Sessions

One to two hour advice sessions on topics including preparing for your first market, gallery exhibiting, setting up a website or online shop, social media, pricing extra.


Advice sessions can be catered to students, emerging artists and established artists looking to gather information on a new skill. Advise sessions can be done unperson within Melbourne or through a video call.

Topics Jessica covers includes:

Markets - Stall display, resources, market check list and market applications

Exhibitions - Gallery applications, presentation, framing advice, curation, ext.

Building products - creating variety, packaging

Branding - Using your branding to advertise your business, business cards, packaging, banners, flyers, online/physical branding

Online Shop - Setting up your online shop on Etsy or Website

Website advice - Building a website for your brand on Squarespace

Social Media - Promoting your brand using social media.

Pricing - Pricing products for retail and wholesale.

Contact Jessica about more topics of your interest and to book a session.

One hour sessions are $60 - Includes covering of one topic including links to resources.

Two hour sessions are $120 - Includes in-depth covering of one topic, exploring how your brand/products can specifically be incorporated, links to resources and notes.